Go set a watch

How do we watch over our spiritual harvests?


While the fall season is typically associated with harvesting crops, we as Christians should also consider other types of harvests.

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Nothing shall separate us from the love of God!

Let our hope rest in the love of God!


Since the eclipse on August 21, 2017 it seems as if natural disasters have seized the world’s stage. From the landfall of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and an earthquake in Mexico in between these events, tribulations have marked the first weeks of September.

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To our fathers whose sons are leaving the nest

Happy Father’s Day!

It seems like all of a sudden, your son has grown up and has stepped out into the world….
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Something to take on the road with you

Take faith with on your travels for Memorial Day!


From a biblical perspective, the month of May is a month of transition. According to the Hebrew calendar, it is the month of Sivan, the second month of the year following Nissan when the Israelites went out of EgyptContinue reading “Something to take on the road with you”

My journey to National Poetry Month

My poetry blog debuts!

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