My persistence is not about me

violets in the snow
Violets persisting in the snow

On Fridays at 5:00 AM, I join a circle of praying women to begin our day by seeking God. This Friday, our prayer leader taught from  Luke 18: 1-8 (NIV).

In this chapter, Jesus tells his disciples the story of the persistent widow. The widow was in a helpless situation. However, she was persistent in pleading with a judge for justice against her adversary. The judge, who declared he did not fear God or care about men, finally relented so that, in his words, “She won’t eventually wear me out with her coming!”Jesus encouraged his disciples to recognize their Father as one who hears their cries and sees that they get justice.

From this story, Jesus highlighted a cornerstone of the nature of God as our Father: He is trustworthy.  We can be confident to know that we can have the same relationship with our Father as the disciples. Unlike the judge, our Father does not get worn out by our pleas. In fact, in spite of how uncomfortable or challenging our situations may be, if we stay persistent, God hears us and will answer our cries.

My persistence is not about me. My persistence is about honoring the trustworthiness of God. How has God shown Himself trustworthy in your life? Share with me on Twitter!



Author: Yvette Williams

I am writer and speaker hailing from Connecticut who writes Christian-themed poetry and prose to inspire and encourage others. I attempt to reveal God's hand in our everyday matters, our profound life experiences, and from the natural world around. As one of my most recent accomplishments, I am a recipient of the Loyd A. Boldman Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to support attendance to the Florida Christian Writers Conference.

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