Be opened!

Pentecost is upon us!


It was a cold day in January 2017 when I heard God say, “Be opened!”

As I meditated on this phrase, I vaguely recalled a scripture in which Jesus said, “Be opened!” However, I could not remember the story in which he said this. To reacquaint myself, I searched one of my favorite online Bibles and found the phrase located in Mark 7:31-35 (ESV).  Summarizing the story, Jesus took a deaf man aside from the crowd and cried, “Ephphatha!” which means, “Be opened!” The deaf man’s ears opened and tongue loosed, amazing the crowd.

Jesus heals deaf man Mark 7_39
Jesus heals a deaf man

After reading the story, I asked myself, “What needs to be opened in me?”

Gradually, I began writing what came to mind:

My ears, my eyes, my heart, my mind,…?

My understanding, my awareness, my timing…?

Slowly, a poem was emerging with a rhythm and rhyming pattern that was new for me.  I don’t typically write poems this way.  I was not ready to open it yet to the world, so I put it aside.

Now, five months later, I am reminded the Pentecost holiday is on June 4, 2017. This event is described in Acts 2:1-41  (ESV) . The 12 disciples, opened by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, astound the crowds by speaking in other tongues.

The Apostle flying dove2Peter addresses the bewildered crowd by affirming what he understood as the fulfillment of Jesus’ resurrection. In his sermon, he asserts that the acts and wonders they witnessed at this time were a testament to the promises and power of Jesus. The same Jesus who performed acts and wonders while on earth. The same Jesus who promised He would never leave or forsake them (Hebrews 13:5 ESV). The same Jesus who said that he would save those who called upon His name. Opened by truth, 3,000 souls who received Peter’s words where baptized and saved. 

Whether it is a personal touch, like what the deaf man experienced, or an outpouring, like that experienced by the disciples, this is a time for Christians to be open to the promises of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit He sent us. Let us be encouraged to open our hearts, our minds, and our bodies to the great works He can do in us and the great works He will do through us!

The passion flower (Passiflora genus), a symbol of the passion of Christ

I am open to the writing ministry God is developing within me. It is time for me to open my poem to the world!

Be opened…
My curtain to the rising sun,
My eyes to the new day begun.
My nose to smell the passion flower,
My skin to feel the cool rain shower.
My ears to hear His word today,
My mouth to worship and to praise.
My spirit to know the changing seasons,
My heart to accept His time and reasons.
My hand to elder’s feeble hand,
My arms to toddler’s shaky stand.
God is opened, I am opened.
May you be opened just the same.

What will you be open to do in Jesus’ name? Open up and share with me on Twitter!

Author: Yvette Williams

I am writer and speaker hailing from Connecticut who writes Christian-themed poetry and prose to inspire and encourage others. I attempt to reveal God's hand in our everyday matters, our profound life experiences, and from the natural world around. As one of my most recent accomplishments, I am a recipient of the Loyd A. Boldman Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to support attendance to the Florida Christian Writers Conference.

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